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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 17, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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it. [ laughter ] >> bret: thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced, and unafraid. captions by closed captioning services begins now. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> bill, are journalists supposed to be in the position of conducting interventions? >> they are supposed to be in the business of telling the truth and the truth is if you get into hard drugs you can go any time. >> bill: nbc matt lauer and i shoot it out over the whitney houston and the media then the conversation continued on "fox & friends." >> the media is supposed to be in the business of telling the truth in america. it doesn't. >> bill: we have a special report on how the media has covered the death of whitney houston. >> i saw pictures of boehner and cantor on our screen. these are demons. >> once again congresswoman
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maxine warts attacks everyone in the republic party. what is wrong with this woman? crowley and colmes will analyze. >> santorum looks stronger now. does he provide a different and more damaging and more dangerous opponent? >> obviously governor romney has problems. >> i want to come back to where we are not how you see romney. the question today about santorum. >> and why is the obama re-election campaign focusing solely on mitt romney when rick santorum has pulled ahead in the polls? karl rove will tell us. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. why the media will not tell you the truth about whitney houston and drug addiction. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. today on 00 today show matt
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lauer and i got into it how the media is covering the death of whitney houston. you wrote this in your column. >> the media has no bleeping clue how to cover the death of whitney houston. that's because she was slowly dying for years. many in the press averted their eyes. >> bill: we looked away. >> i have seen dozens of stories over the years detailing. detailing the addiction, the erratic behavior, the denial of addiction on the part of whitney houston. >> bill: they were sensationalized to exploit the woman's condition not try to help her. when is the last time you seen a public service announcement from a famous person, a singer, an actor to say to the american public, you know, you don't want to be like whitney houston, don't be like elvis, don't be like janice joplin? when is the last time you saw that? we don't exist. we wink willie nelson it they are stoned. that's fine. what message does that send? it's okay. it's not okay. >> i think it's apples and oranges you are comparing.
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>> bill: of course i disagree. it's not apples and oranges. to make my analysis even sharmer, i went on "fox & friends" shortly after "the today show." >> why aren't we telling the truth to young people in america? is there one public service announcement? by any movie star by any singer that says to children don't use drugs? >> but she was. >> bill: wait? is there one? i want to see one. there isn't any. here is what we see. snoop dogg, willie nelson, all of these creeps and i mean they are creeps, all right? celebrated and it's wink wink, oh, let's party, let's get high. there is nobody in the media saying you know what? this could lead to death and if it doesn't lead to death, 7 a% of all child abuse and neglect is done by substance abusers. let's tell the truth. not only that when you buy this garbage, who are you helping? the mexican cartels who have
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killed 40,000 human beings. every time you buy a marijuana cigarette, it goes to them. are we getting this? where is it in the media? who is saying this? nobody. and that was my point. >> well said. >> scared to go after him now. >> i agree with you 100%. what about the timing of it? is it time to make a public service announcement on whitney houston's death? >> it's time because everybody is locked in on another person, famous, talented dead because of drugs. >> bill: now, there is a report today from the substance abuse and mental health services administration that says 10% of american kids are currently living with an alcoholic parent. that's 7 and a half million children subjected to that horror. that's just booze. when you add drug use to the equation millions more kids are affected. where, again, is the media on this? nowhere. we either completely ignore
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the situation or glorify the party life. why? because the secular press doesn't like to make judgments about personal behavior. that stems from the 1960's, if it feels good, do it. do your own thing. whitney houston's on thing killed her and her 18-year-old daughter watched her mother's drug-fueled activities for most of her life. did she not? right now the media in america is largely cowardly politically correct and absolutely unconcerned about the nation's children. later on in this broadcast we will show you how the sharp rise in pot among smoking teenagers. why? because they don't believe it's wrong or harmful. well, here is a more straight talk. once children enter the world of intoxication, their childhood is over. they are never the same. whitney houston admitted she smoked pot. so did amy winehouse and most drug addicts start their crimes with a gate way drug. as a country we are now embracing the medical
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marijuana ruiz a queue say scam. where is the media's reporting on that? nowhere, man. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight reaction. dr. marc lamont hill who teaches at columbia university. this is right up your wheel house because people of color are affected disproportionately from the drug epidemic, alcoholism, jails are full. now the cry is oh they are nonviolent offenders these heroin dealers we shouldn't sentence them to that much. when you see the destruction and i know you know he it, when you see the destruction that is brought upon by drug addiction and alcoholism and the children, the suffering of the children, shouldn't the media take an advocacy position here? >> i think as you said earlier the media has a responsibility to tell the truth. you just mentioned heroin dealers and being soft on heroin dealers. 80% of people incarcerated for drugs are not big time dope dealers. they are small time drug users.
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we have a medical problem that we have essentially criminalized. >> bill: that's not true. they are dealers. you don't get sentenced to prison for using e except maybe in some. >> simple possession cases are widespread. >> bill: the statistics are, all right? that you must sell and you must possess a certain amount to be charged with a felony. it's a misdemeanor. you know that. don't try to petty fog the issue. >> i'm not pet fogging the issue. i'm doing just the opposite. this is a serious medical issue that needs to be treated as a medicalized response as opposed to criminalized. >> bill: that means what? doctors go into your house against your will and drag you out and put you in a hospital? is that what they do? >> we don't want to have prisons filled with crack addicts and heroin addicts. >> bill: we don't have treatment. >> i would rather have treatment. >> bill: divert them to treatment almost all the time. tomorrow i will give you the stats on this. let's knock this off.
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you know as well as i do felony drug possession is the weight is a dealer level weight. yet, you on the left say oh no, it's not a violent crime. they are not violent criminals selling crack and cocaine and heroin, no, no, no. it is a violent crime. you know it is, it enslaves people. >> you are missing my point. my point is that drug addiction itself is a medical issue. we need to find ways to deal with that. with regard to whitney houston. >> bill: garbage. >> say the point before you disagree with it with regard to bhiewfn she had a medical problem a drug addiction that i do believe the media made light of. it became a joke and lost sight of how dangerous this kind of thing is we need a proper response. i don't think humiliating her in full public view or humiliating her family. we need to create a cull tougher care investment in love. >> bill: investment of love culture care, all of that is swell. what is needed in this country is for the media in this
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country to take advocacy position that using narcotics is wrong, it's bad. it's not good for society. and we don't have that here in this country we have a that said acceptance. >> i won't go that far, bill. >> bill: it devastate some of those communities and, yet, we don't hear anything about it. and it's just wrong. it is wrong. >> well, i won't go so far as to say we don't hear anything about it i think it's the way we talk about it for example, with the example of whitney houston and matt lauer said this to you. it's not that we didn't see whitney houston was spiraling downward. north that we didn't see that drug use was negatively effecting her. no one whitney houston drugs -- >> bill: who said to her in this is wrong not only for you for for your daughter. >> her family did. her mother. >> bill: that's not the media i'm talking media she sat for major interviews and nobody looked at her and said you know what? you should stop this and this is terrible and it's sending a
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terrible example to other people. >> it depends -- i don't think as journalists our job is to go around wagging our finger at people. >> bill: our job is to tell the truth. >> yes. to tell honest stories. if you tell an honest story about bhiewfn you can see the effect of drugs. difference doing that and what you spoke about earlier which is don't be like bhiewfn that hue mill united states bhiewfn. unfair punching bag and doesn't get to the point. drug use is a medical problem. we need to address it medically. >> bill: here is why that doesn't watch and i have got to run. drug use is a disease and we know that it's a mental disease. all right? unless you want treatment for the disease, there isn't any prescription for it all right? you can't force people to be treated. what you can do and the media should do is bring society to a point where this is bad. but it's not being portrayed as bad. and that is the crux of the problem. doctor, we appreciate it. >> i hope -- my pleasure.
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>> bill: last word, go. >> i hope you have that same outrage which the media doesn't tell the truth about politics and washington and what's going on around the world. >> bill: of course i do, you know it? >> i don't see the outrage. >> bill: talk about children and marijuana upcoming. obama campaign still focusing on mitt romney even though santorum has pulled ahead in the polls. maxine waters once again viciously attacked every republic in the country.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, the latest obama fundraising letter has the president's campaign manager jim warning democrats about mitt romney and well financed campaign. rick santorum not even mentioned. why? since the senator is now polling better than governor romney. here now to tell us the man who designed presidential campaigns himself karl rove, so, for the obama people, it's still all about romney. it really doesn't matter what rolls in on the polling front. why? >> i think a couple reasons. one they vin vested a lot of time and energy and effort in doing. this why not continue to demonize the guy. second of all they may have concluded that, it look, if you look inside the polls, santorum has risen rapidly. people who rise rapidly tend to fall rapidly. that's what we he have seen before with michele bachmann, donald trump, rick perry. newt gingrich, all of -- you know, herman cain, all of whom rose quickly and fell at some
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point. it may be that they said we have invested in romney. let's keep at it and maybe it's going to be him. maybe they say we have got enough on santorum if he becomes the nominee. >> bill: right now there is no doubt that they are gearing up to face romney? >> sure. >> bill: all right. now, the fundraising letter that they sent out we mentioned this is by jim mow seen that, the obama campaign manager, i will read you a line here, he says that mitt romney will depend on his super pac to spend unlimited corporate money to divert the public's attention and distort the president's record. and you are involved with, i guess some of these packs. those are talking points to deceive you. >> wait a minute. they said at the beginning of this process a billion dollars. try to scare people out of it now that they're not on the path to raise a billion dollars. me cinema went out and called it bs. he used the full b.s. when he described it leaking to the
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"new york post" and "new york times." >> boast times will have all the money they need, right? >> it depends. i think so. >> bill: looks to me. >> unions will have to put in more money. >> bill: your pac is going to do what you do. move on is going to do what they do. people are going to get a massive headache. right now, we're in a lull, a lull zone politically, right? the next debate is the 28th. that's going to be an important debate. >> the primaries. the debate son the 22nd. followed by arizona and michigan primaries on the 28th. >> bill: debate is coming up next week. >> next week. >> bill: that will be a very very important debate for mitt romney. he has got to outshine santorum on that. if he doesn't then michigan he could lose michigan and be embarrassing. >> i agree the debate is important. going to be important for all three of them. santorum has got to use to keep the momentum going. gingrich has to use it to get back in the game. romney strong night. the problem is and this is why
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they killed today the cnn debate. rick santorum and mitt romney pulled out of the cnn debate. >> bill: it was paul and romney. >> santorum said i'm not going to show up. >> bill: after paul and romney said they were not going to go to that debate then that was the end. >> most important commodity is time. if you have a district attorney bait it knocks out a day to prep for it of the day of the debate and then the day after the debate is dominated by what happened in the debate. and these guys are all wanting to get out and be places and not be tied up in a debate. >> bill: that makes sense. >> look at santorum. santorum said i'm not going to fight in nevada. >> bill: same thing. everybody knows where they stand on the issue. but now it's going to be a matter of mitt romney trying to tell people that, look, he has got to separate himself from the pac, does he not? he has to. >> sure. >> bill: if he doesn't, he loses michigan. if he loses michigan, that's big. >> it's a jump ball. look, we have -- >> bill: what's a jump ball? i know jump ball basketball? >> it's up for grabs. >> bill: the state. >> santorum has moved ahead
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most polls ahead of him. how durable is that romney and outside group have ramped up their advertising and what's interesting to me is michigan is proportional. arizona is going to be winner take all. >> bill: who is ahead we don't have any polling in arizona. >> romney is ahead. >> bill: we have to look at these as individual contests who wins michigan and arizona. we also need that day to look at them who got more votes and who got more delegates that day. >> bill: march 6th is the 10 states on super tuesday and that tells the tale. who is the last question. romney is the only one who has money to buy. >> santorum. >> rich guy? >> some rich women. we will say here in a day or so. generous check from texas woman. and is he going to have -- right now the disparity on television in michigan appears to be two to one in arizona they are basically not playing at all except for romney. and then the disparity is
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bigger in these early states, tennessee, oklahoma, georgia. >> bill: disparity means romney. >> yeah. >> bill: mr. rove as always. we appreciate it maxine waters on another anti-republic rampage. crowley and colmes on that. later, megyn kelly on searching school kids for drugs. how far can teachers go?
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>> bill: factor follow up segment tonight, perhaps the most partisan democrat on capitol hill is maxine waters from california. she really despises republicans. here is what she said last week at a democratic meeting in california. >> we have got to take back the house. i saw pictures of boehner and cantor on our screens. don't ever let me see. [ laughter ] again in life those republics
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in our hall on our screens talking about anything. [cheers and applause] these are demons. >> bill: all right. here now to analyze and perhaps perform an exorcism monica crowley and alan colmes. i don't understand, colmes, i don't understand maxine waters. we know this is dopey. she says it to get, you know, reaction. but what good can it possibly do? >> none. can i probably think as a liberal democrat i could get inside and explain all liberal democrats. that's wacky. it's not called for. and it's literally demonizing the other side and i would be just as upset if a republic did it and i don't think it serves any purpose. >> bill: i don't understand what currency you get from that other than even colmes thinking you are a pinhead. even colmes you on her side. >> i'm on her side
5:24 am
politically. >> bill: you are saying this is very strange. >> she does not represent democrats. >> bill: who does she represent? >> herself. >> bill: just her? that's all? >> are we trying to make the case that all democrats agree with that? >> no, i'm trying to figure out why a woman, elected to congress would continue to say all of these -- you know shoes, is is the one that said the tea party should go to hell. >> angry haters on both sides she is a bomb thrower, probably trying to rally the liberal base to come out. the democrats do have a serious base problem going into this election. remember the shooting of gabby giffords, we have got to tone down the rhetoric here. we have had democrat after democrat use this kind of inflammatory language. by the way, if this had been a republic calling president obama a demon or maxine waters a demon all hades would be breaking loose and everybody would be saying it's totally inappropriate. >> it's inappropriate. i will say it it's
5:25 am
inappropriate no matter what side you are on. >> the other part is this is that she went on to say that the republicans are demons because they are destroying the economy. they are crushing job creation. they are dividing the nation. but the point about this bill not just maxine waters you see it with a lot of democrats. they are using projection. they are accusing the other side of what they themselves are guilty of. >> bill: they don't believe that. >> this is not a partisan issue. let's not make this democrats do this i'm much more concerned about rick santorum saying birth control is bad for women and it's not all right to use at this want that to be public policy. greater concern someone who is candidate for president. >> bill: why do you care what he says. >> is he a serious candidate for president. >> bill: you are not going to vote for him no matter what he he says. >> mainstream republic, women in particular use birth control are going to vote. i would be concerned if i were a republic he might get the nomination and try to make
5:26 am
that when you go around saying birth control is not right and i would like to make it public policy and birth control sun healthy for women. >> bill: taking what he said out of context. i didn't hear that. >> that's what he said. >> i got the tape. play it. >> this is what the process is all about. letting republicans vote republic primaries air this out and make a choice. that's good would you bring that tape? i would be more than happy to play the tape of rick santorum saying i think it should be public policy and birth control is not good for women and not right. birth control is not -- here is what he said. birth control is not okay. that's an exact quote. >> bill: colmes, we don't want your explanation. we want to hear the tape. you say you are going to bring the tape. >> readily available, mr. o'reilly. >> we need the context. >> birth control is not okay. give me whatever context you want around that. >> i think we should all join hands and forgive maxine waters and say a pray right
5:27 am
here on "the o'reilly factor" that she gets. >> i want to see the exorcism. >> maybe the three of us can sing kum ba yah. >> we can arrange an exorcism for you. right here. just an interview. that will be the exorcism. >> bill and i are catholics. we can actually perform it. all right. thank you very much. >> you bet. >> you were almost reasonable tonight. >> o'reilly, if i'm so unreasonable, you must have me here for a reason. >> i can't -- >> you must have me on your show because you think i have some modicum of recent. >> you provide me with comic relief. >> i'm here to make you laugh and please you. >> bill: are we failing to protect our children from the evils of drugs and alcohol abuse in the culture warriors on that. and then megyn kelly on searching students for drugs at school. how far can authorities legally go? we hope you stay tuned to those reports. [ male announcer ] let's level the playing field.
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>> bill: culture warrior segment tonight. recent study conducted by the university of michigan. one in 15 high school seniors smoke pot on that daily basis. a 30-year high pardon the pun. last year marijuana use among children and teens rose for the fourth straight year. there is no question that pot use is now deemed acceptable by many american school kids. much of that is celebrity driven. here is a partial list of famous people that have been arrested for marijuana charges. the late amy winehouse, snoop cog dog willie nelson. bobby brown whitney houston's former husband and mccollie hull kin. with us now the warriors margaret hoover and lauren green. overwhelming problem for american parents as kids 6, 7, 8 know what pot is. flipping around on the internet, this and that when
5:32 am
do you start to talk to them and what do you say. >> never too early. should actually start in kindergarten and start explaining there are people who are going to offer them things that, you know, may effect the way they behave. they will try to pressure them into taking things and that's not okay. i think you start really early with them explaining to them so they know the lay of the land. >> brainwashing. >> my parents did this with me. when i was in kindergarten or first grade there were these stickers. there are stickers going around. they will tell them to put you on your skin you will feel tingle if you do it. you shouldn't do it. it's bad. talk to kids and make them comfortable opening up to you and explaining to you what's going on around in the playground. leave it open for new conversation. never close the door. you want them to be comfortable talking about it. >> bill: kids get to be 12, 13 years old. the age where this stuff heavily starts to come in. what do you say? better not do it? this is against the family code? what do you say. >> are you out of your mind? i mean, one thing you say.
5:33 am
you have to show your outrage. one thing to be armed with an arsenal of facts about the things that drugs do to you and things that marijuana do to you. another thing that your love, your approval has to be more to them than what that drug can do to you. that's very important. it's about the relationship. can i tell you that marijuana today is stronger than it was 25 years ago. can i tell that you it's going to mess up your mind. can i tell you a lot of facts about, you know, marijuana. it's not going to get through to them unless what -- unless your approval means more to them than what the drug means. >> bill: obviously the better relationship you have with the children the less inclined they are going to have to do this kind of thing. you know, look, even good parents and parents who really love their children and really try hard if the kid gets, you know, pier pressure is enormous. the media, that's what i'm making this thing with whitney houston. i mean, the media is just like oh, yeah, it's so tragic. it's so tragic. it's like she was hit by lightning. she wasn't hit by lightning. okay? this is why she died. because this stuff is bad. and the media doesn't say it a
5:34 am
lot of parents don't say it because they themselves smoked pot. >> you have gotten to the crux of the issue. a lot of reason why parents aren't talking to kids or reluctant because they also feel it's hypocritical. >> you got parents that want to be their kids' best friend. >> bill: that's a different story there are a lot of parents who smoke pot now or did heavily when they were in college. >> that's okay for them to have -- if they have done -- i'm not saying it's okay -- i think they can parent and keep their experience as an adult separate from experience expectations from their children. >> bill: i never used drugs. if i did i would never tell my kids. >> it's irrelevant. you are setting the expectation. >> >> bill: let's give ms. green the last word. >> if i used drugs when i was 16 as opposed to 21 in my college years there is a difference. developing brain is different on drugs. >> bill: no doubt about it once you become an adult, we are not here to tell adults
5:35 am
not to smoke pot. that's not what we are doing. the children are our concern here and hard drugs. hard drugs are killing people and media should absolutely level with people about it. megyn kelly on how far school authorities can go when they search students for drugs. great american news quiz the disaster edition. up ahead. my name is robin. i'm a wife, i'm a mom... and chantix worked for me. it's a medication i could take and still smoke, while it built up in my system. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantiis proven to help people quit smoking. it reduthe urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking orood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these, stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reactioto it. if you develop these, stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the kelly file segment tonight. all over the country having to deal with schools and drugs on campus. when i was a teacher in miami i had the same problems. kids coming to class stoned and selling drugs in the hallway. a illinois supreme court heard a case 15-year-old girl who school officials suspected her of carrying drugs. they searched her and lifted up her bra and they did find
5:39 am
narcotics. the student's lawyer tried to get it thrown out. megyn kelly picks up the story from there. it got to the highest level of north carolina obviously. what is the crux of the matter here. >> they have to determine whether the search was reasonable under the circumstances. and this is all in the wake of a supreme court, u.s. supreme court decision back in 2009 that looked at whether the, quote, strip search, same sort of thing, pulling the bra out, by the way it was the girl, student was asked to pull the bra out, not the teachers man handling her in the supreme court case 13-year-old girl had to do that it was over ibuprofen. the supreme court said that search was not okay. you can't do that to a 13-year-old girl over ibuprofen. different situation, 15-year-old girl. alternative school for kids with disciplinary problems and in fact they did find drugs on it girl. that's irrelevant to determining. >> bill: what i understand could've drugs. >> whether they had the grounds in the first place. it was demeanor drug. i can't remember. prescription pills. that's what they were. >> bill: found pills on the girl. the court now has to decide whether the authorities went
5:40 am
too far in asking the girl to lift the bra up? >> did they have the right to do it? here is the problem. in this case they did it to all the students. they had reasonable to believe the children were bring prescriptions to this school which had trouble use in it made all the students go through. this that's a problem. you need to have usually more particularized ground for doing this. >> bill: you think the girl's conviction is going to get tossed. >> yes, it is. irrespective to the fact they did find drugs on her. >> bill: in georgia a male student filed a federal law student against clayton county school district he was forced to strip, they did a strip search on him. >> down to his underwear in front of three other students. this one is going to get thrown out. >> bill: but he wants money. this kid. >> yeah. of course. but i think, you know, he has a legitimate point. once again, the supreme court has basically set the standard pretty high for school administrators to prove they have the grounds to do. this what do they have to go after this georgia kid. 7th grader made to pull down
5:41 am
pants in front of classmates. >> bill: somebody said he had pot on him. >> one of the other accused. before they got to the strip search. searched his bag and backpack. the other kid recanted and forced him to pull down his pants a seventh grader that is traumatizing. >> bill: i'm not arguing with that school authority person have you got to be very very careful. just like the law enforcement people, you have to have reasonable cause. >> that's right. if you are going to do, it got to be particular suspicion. you have to do it in a way that really respects the student's dignity as much as you can. >> bill: they should. new york city occupy protesters you know the game. pepper spray some of them. roll the tape on that. now two of the girls got pepper sprayed. 24-year-old -- brooklyn, suing the cops for all kinds of stuff. >> assault, battery. >> they don't like pepper. they like salt better. >> not sure if it was pepper spray or mace. >> physical pain mental suffering. all of that stuff. >> yeah did, they break the
5:42 am
law? if they were arrested and convicted i think it makes it harder for them to sue. >> not necessarily. they are going after this one -- i don't know if you can show this video again. one guy in the white shirt coming over and basically just looks like out of nowhere pulls out the pepper spray and shoots it at them. look at the top right of your screen, sort of 1:00 on your screen. see him come up. and can you see this guy not even dealing with him. not the guy in the blue shirts. guy in the white shirt comes over and opens up the gun. you can have see it before this online. open fire on the girls with pepper spray or mace. that is not justified. the nypd is already disciplined that officer. that's not okay. i think the lawsuit against that guy is going to prevail for battery not against the nypd though. >> bill: if the girls were arrested and they broke the law. it's a much -- rather than if they weren't doing anything. >> i disagree. it is a clear case, this cop is in trouble. >> bill: okay. indian sioux tribe in south dakota says no booze on the reservation. all right? very strict.
5:43 am
but, of course, booze gets on the reservation. >> right. >> bill: alcohol is a problem. so now the reservation is suing anheuser busch, coors, miller coors, bants brewing. 500 million they want. the indians. >> and they are suing the distributor where the people bought the beer. >> bill: this is smuggled on to the reservation. >> right. you can't have it on the reservation in south dakota. they are going across the border in nebraska and buying it in white claim nebraska in this one store basically. this town of white clan, nebraska has a population of 12 people no publicly accessible place to consume alcohol. but every day the four retailers in the town sell more than 13,000 cans of beer. >> bill: people from the reservation are coming and buying and bringing it back. how you can hold anheuser busch and mullsen responsibility for that. >> they can't. retailers know where the beer is going. >> bill: retailer you might be able to. the guys down in denver you can't sue them.
5:44 am
>> i don't like the lawsuit and i don't think it has a chance of prevailing. let me tell the viewers what the likelihood is. life expectancy 42 and a 2. alcohol related second lowest in north america behind haiti. this is on u.s. territory. in the united states. unemployment rate over 80%. teen suicide 150% higher than the rest of the u.s. infant mortality 300% higher than the u.s. that's why they are so concerned. >> bill: everybody should know what a terrible problem. media should do more. the media's responsibility to talk about this stuff. >> i will tell you one thing before you let me go. this is how my mom kept me off drugs. if i find any drugs, any drugs whatsoever on n. your room on your person at any time. you are going 30 day inpatient program immediately. i never even tried the stuff. >> bill: great american news quiz disaster edition. we are not talking about cable news competition. we are talking about real disasters. the quiz is next.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, great american news quiz the disaster edition. here they are. the quiz kids themselves. fox news anchor martha maccallum playing for phil from newport, oregon. "fox & friends" guy steve doocy representing barbara williams. if you would like to win nifty prizes go to bill o' and sign up. we have disasters here. >> we have a disaster already. >> bill: many, many to choose from. the first one we have chosen is hollywood's take on earthquakes has led to some terrifying movie scenes.
5:49 am
now the deadliest earthquake in world history occurred in 1556. it killed astonishing 830,000 people in what country? a iran, scotland, china, brazil. >> the answer is china. you should both using sherlock holmes deductions. >> there are that many people in china? >> bill: where would they be? in china. there aren't 183,000 people now. >> there used to be until the earthquake. >> bill: i know all you guys got it. and trained professionals. allegedly. number two, when the titanic went down in 1912. many prominent and wealthy passengers died.
5:50 am
i won my ticket on titanic at lucky handed poker. >> you find that existence appealing, do you? >> yes, ma'am, i do. just other night i was sleeping under a bridge and now here i am on the grandish ship in the world having champagne with you fine people. >> bill: can't get better than that the wealthiest passenger die on the titanic was a member of what prominent american family? a astor, vanderbilt, rock rockefeller, dupont. who died on the -- cards up, there it is. astor. was it john jacob? yeah, he went down with the ship. >> matt thousand was in o.o. matthew was -- >> did anybody in the world care about that question? >> forget about question number 1. >> temperature let tourette syndrome for doocy. tied race.
5:51 am
elvis presley tragically died in 1977. ♪ caught in a trap ♪ i can't walk out ♪ because i love you too much baby. >> bill: all right. many believe that drugs led to presley's death. some claim that the autopsy covered that up. what did the coroner list as the official cause of death for the king? a stroke, b heart arrhythmia c heart disease and d respiratory failure. how did the king die? the answer is b heart arrhythmia. maccallum scores. here is a a fourth disaster question. the deadliest aviation accident in history took place when two planes collided on the runway in the canary islands. >> the deadliest runway disaster in history happened when two jumbo jets crashed on the ground in heavy fog in the
5:52 am
canary islands in 1977. 50083 people died. -- 583 people died. >> accident involved dutch airline and another plane from what u.s. carrier? all right. a american, b del tax c pan ma'am, d united. there you go. c panam, finally deduction. the only international carrier back then. >> finally. >> bill: we put them in so everyone can figure it out. all right. maccallum is leading. a rare occurrence with one question to go. >> stop. it is not. >> it's a disaster. >> bill: you should point out at in juncture saying doocy is cheating looking at you. >> let's keep an eye. >> do it like this. >> bill: marilyn monroe died of a barbiturates overdose in 1962. >> loveliest of the lovely as seen here in the role of a noncompetitor she leaves an
5:53 am
atlantic city beauty pageant. marilyn monroe is mourned by the world. >> buried in los angeles. what celebrity later bought the crypt next to hers? joe did i mashio, hugh hefner, miller, curtis. cards up please. the answer is hugh hefner. >> he he is not dead. >> he bought it for when he might die, doocy. not everybody is going to be set on fire like you and they are lined up to do it. >> is that your plan? >> bill: maccallum you won it what was the connection to monroe. >> because he wanted to be next to marilyn? who doesn't want to be next to marilyn. >> he wanted to lay next to her for the rest of his life. >> bill: first cover of playboy magazine ever marilyn monroe. >> you would know did you buy that very first issue? >> bill: i know the implication that you are making. i am an historian. >> do you still have it in your garage, bill?
5:54 am
>> bill: i wish i did. it's worth about 20 grand. i wish i did. pinheads and patriots starring one of the best thriller riders in the country. up next p and p. two minutes and change away.
5:55 am
bill: pinhead and patriots in a moment. we talk about a writer who authors great thrillers, but first, "new york times" readers woke up to see this --
5:56 am
promoting my new book "killing kennedy" out in october. you can imagine the liberal "new york times" people getting up, turning the page and this is what they see. copies filled everywhere in berkeley, california. indignation on the upper west side of manhattan. i'm pretty happy about it. so there you go. sharon miller of baltimore -- i disagree, sharon. remember, whitney houston reached millions with her music. christie is doing the right thing. barry -- i appreciate that, chaplain. and this is from fishers,
5:57 am
indiana -- josh from illinois -- rocco from grand junction, colorado -- >> very alert, i'm very alert, rocco. before i know you are convicting george stephanopoulos of including with media matters without a shred of evidence. c'mon. patrick wilson, afghanistan -- you know i'd like to get over to afghanistan. after the election in november. i'm going to try. harry jeffcoat, birmingham, alabama -- "bill, we would like to see you and milner this state. be careful what you wish for. we're working on a few things down south and midwest, harry. we'll let you know soon.
5:58 am
this is last call for chicago june 23. tickets just about sold out. you can check it out on bill o' pinheads and patriots says you might know that he writes thrillers. the latest book "kill shot" is a fast-pace read. it finished it last night. mr. flynn wrote "kill shot" under going treatment for prostate cancer. hard enough for me to write when everything is going my way. flynn fighting for his life and still turning out great copies. so check out "kill shot" because vince flynn is a patriot. that is it for us tonight. check out our website. we'd like you to spout out about the factor from anywhere the world -- word of the day. do not be a holtrue. i love that. do not be a poultrune when writing to the factor. again, thank you for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly.
5:59 am
remember that the spin stops right here. because we are definitely looking out for you. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> hi, everybody. it's february -- >> hi! >> february 17th. i'm juliet huddy in for gretchen carlson. happy birthday to the stimulus! the president's $835 million -- you can't see it on television. billion dollar jobs program 3 years old today, how is it working out for america? we'll do the math. >> you're not going to be happy. meanwhile, whitney houston's final farewell is set but some military members not happy about the honor she's getting. should we lower flags across her home state for that singer? we're going to report and you will decide. >> and this student is getting death threats for defending his religion. e'


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